A Three-Peat For The Seattle Seahawks?


When the Seattle Seahawks dominated the Denver Broncos to win their first Super Bowl two years ago, I was more impressed with them than even the dominating defenses of the 1985 Bears or the Ravens of 2000.  Those two defenses won their Super Bowl’s with generally little help from their respective offenses, even though the Bears had the greatness of “Sweetness” and the Ravens had Hall-of-Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe.

Neither was able to repeat as champion after treating much of league like high school teams, but I saw the Seahawks as different, better than those past teams, both on defense and offense.  For that reason, I didn’t find it hard to expect their return and even a repeat win this past January.

The 2014 version fought their way back to the big game, after starting a bit slow and trailing the Arizona Cardinals through the NFC West all season.  And as we can all remember, if not for one of the worst play calls in football history, Seattle would be wearing dual championship pinkie rings today.

The 2015 season is looming only a few weeks away and I’m hard pressed to find an NFC team to supplant the Seahawks and keep them from three-peating their way to another Super Bowl appearance.  Winning it again will take some luck (just like it will for any opponent they will face) and even better coaching from the Seattle sideline, but with Russell Wilson, Beastmode and Jimmy Graham (the NFL’s biggest offseason move), keeping the ball away from other high potent offenses by winning the time of possession battle, their physical defense, which has remained basically intact, will continue to dominate.

They certainly won’t sneak up on anybody, but with all due respect to their AFC counterpart New England Patriots, the Seahawks are the closest thing to a dynasty the NFC has seen since the Cowboys of the early 90’s.  The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rogers will do their very best to knock them off, but expect Seahawks’ offensive coordinator Darrell  Bevell to get a “do-over” and have his head coach (Peter Carroll) be remembered for something other than that ill-fated call last year.

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Jeff Carlson

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