49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick Has All The Leverage In A Potential Broncos Trade


ESPN is reporting that the parameters are in place for a trade between the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos involving 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

To get the deal done, both Kaepernick and the Broncos have to agree upon a restructured contract, as the former second-round pick is due roughly $11.3 million for 2016.

Under no circumstances should the greatest player in the history of the great University of Nevada relinquish a single cent of that money.  At this point he has both the 49ers and Broncos franchises over a proverbial barrel and if the trade falls apart, at worst he’ll get that $11.3 million for either holding a clipboard or actually starting.

What is likely occurring right now is a potential new deal where a good part of Kaep’s salary for 2016 is being converted into a signing bonus to make the deal more cap friendly for the cash-strapped Broncos. Kaepernick is being repped by one of the best companies in the business, XAM, and you can bet that they are going to use their leverage in this situation.

Why does Kaepernick have leverage?

The 49ers clearly don’t want him, but they can’t release him because they owe the once future of the franchise the money regardless of what happens.

The Broncos absolutely need him.  Although John Elway is a legend and he just won a Super Bowl two months ago, he also mis-read the market which caused him to have to franchise Von Miller and thus lose Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan in free agency.

And there was that other thing.

Benching Brock Osweiler for a much worse Peyton Manning which alienated the former second-round pick so much that he bolted for Houston, leaving Denver with the possibility of starting Mark Sanchez on opening night.

There should be no hometown or Super Bowl discounts given.  Kaepernick was thrown under the bus by the 49ers front office and he should have no loyalty to them.  He shouldn’t have any loyalty to Elway either, as he is the guy who mismanaged his own quarterback situation so bad that he’s virtually begging for help.

Kaep holds all the cards, and he should receive at the very least his $11.3 million for 2016.  Even if he’s still a 49er holding a clipboard.

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