2015 NFL Draft Primer: New York Jets


Team Needs: Pass-Rusher, Quarterback, Guard, Wide Receiver

Jets’ Selections

Round 1- 6th overall

Round 2- 37th overall

Round 3- 70th overall

Round 4- 104th overall

Round 7- 224th overall

Round 7- 225th overall

Good fits early:

Vic Beasley:

The most dynamic pass-rusher in the draft would be a welcome addition to the New York Jets’ defense. Vic Beasley possesses a wide array of pass-rush moves to go along with an impressive get off. Beasley has some warts as a run defender as he struggles at the point of attack, but he will make his fair share of plays by knifing into the backfield as well. Beasley would give the Jets a fantastic pass-rush threat who has the potential to put up double digit sacks on year one.

Devin Smith:

The Jets did acquire Brandon Marshall this offseason, but they don’t have a true vertical threat who can stretch the field on a consistent basis. There is no better deep threat in this draft than Devin Smith. He effortlessly glided upfield and past defenders throughout his college career. Smith understands the pacing of routes and he is one of the best at tracking the ball through the air. Smith wasn’t utilized much as an intermediate option, but that doesn’t mean he can’t as he has shown an aptitude for the nuances of playing wide receiver. Smith would give the Jets a credible deep threat who could open things up underneath for the offense.

Brandon Scherff:

The Jets have a porous offensive line so they need to look for improvements there by any means necessary. The best offensive lineman in this draft is Brandon Scherff and he would be a welcome addition to the Jets offense. Scherff best projects as a guard as he is a road grader against the run with limited lateral mobility. Scherff has the potential to make a Zack Martin-esque impact for the Jets offensive line as he could improve their running game and actually give Geno Smith some time to throw.

Don’t Be Surprised If…

The Jets go heavy on the defense despite a porous offense. The Jets’ new head coach Todd Bowles is a defensive guru who likely wants to get people on his team that fit what he wants to do. He could target the linebacker position have in this draft and even the secondary if the draft falls that way.

Potential late-round targets:

Kwon Alexander:

Kwon Alexander is an athletic and undersized linebacker who does his best work in space. Alexander has the athleticism to carry out Bowles’ scheme and he would be a huge upgrade in coverage over the Jets’ current linebacker corps. Alexander needs to be protected because he doesn’t shed blocks extremely well, but when he has space he can get downhill and meet running backs in the hole extremely well.

Zach Wagenmann:

The Jets will play a 3-4 defense heavily, but with the proliferation of three wide receiver sets, the Jets will also spend a lot of time with a four-man line in nickel. This is where Zach Wagenmann would fit in well for the Jets. Wagenmann is a very good pass-rusher who lacks the strength and girth to hold up against the run on a consistent basis. Wagenmann would likely only be a situational pass-rusher for the Jets, but that is a valuable commodity in today’s NFL.

Garrett Grayson:

The jury is still out on if Geno Smith will be an adequate quarterback for the New York Jets. Therefore, there is a good chance that the Jets look for some insurance at the quarterback position in this draft. One player who could be a potential target is Garrett Grayson. He is an extremely accurate quarterback who lacks the arm strength to make all the throws. He needs to get better at dealing with pressure in his face, but Grayson has a lot of tools that you want to work with.

What Would Be A Good Draft:

If the Jets can improve their pass rush and get Geno Smith some help on the offensive line it would be a very good draft. The Jets’ defense is predicated on getting pressure on the quarterback; therefore, they need to get some players who can consistently put pressure on the quarterback. Also, if the Jets really want to see what Smith can do, they need to get him a decent offensive line.

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