2015 NFL Draft: Good and Bad Fits in the Fourth Round


The 2015 NFL draft has come and gone; therefore, it is time to analyze each pick with excruciating detail. As is the case every year, there are picks that are perceived as bad fits and others that are perceived as good fits. With that in mind, let’s take a look a couple of the picks that look to be good fits and some that appear to be bad fits.

Good Fits

Trey Flowers – New England Patriots

Trey Flowers is just a damn good football player. He isn’t the biggest or more athletic, but he is technically sound and doesn’t make many mistakes. He is fantastic versus the run and he can push the pocket with his power rushes. The Patriots love to add versatile players who are fundamentally sound and Flowers is exactly that. He will find a home in the Patriots’ multiple front defense and should be a fantastic chess piece for the coaching staff.

T.J. Clemmings – Minnesota Vikings

T.J. Clemmings is an extremely raw offensive tackle, but there isn’t a tackle with a higher ceiling than him. He has great mobility and movement skills and he showcases fantastic strength to become an elite tackle in the NFL. He needs to work on footwork and his hand placement, but that should be fixable with more repetitions. Clemmings was a fantastic value in the fourth round and he should pay off in a big way for the Vikings.

Daryl Williams – Carolina Panthers

Another tackle who was a good find in the fourth round was Daryl Williams. The first thing that jumps out about Williams is that he plays with a mean streak. He is a nasty player who plays through the echo of the whistle. As a pass protector, he has a great punch and enough mobility to run speed-rushers around the loop. Williams should be able to be a starting right tackle for years to come.

Bad Fits

Jon Feliciano – Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders may the flummoxing selection of a player whose talent appeared to warrant a seventh-round pick at best in Jon Felciano. He doesn’t appear to have much upside as he doesn’t have great length or movement skills. He has poor hand placement and punch timing, which are extremely important in the interior of the offensive line. He tends to drop his eye level and lunge far too often. It would be surprising if Feliciano even made the team next year, which is an extremely poor selection in the fourth round.

Angelo Blackson – Tennessee Titans

Angelo Blackson is a big defensive tackle who should fit into the nose tackle position for the Titans. Blackson is basically just a big body who eats up space, but won’t ever get penetration or get off blocks. He will only play on base defense and with the how much the NFL passes now that may be only 30 percent of the time. Blackson may have warranted a selection later in the draft, but he just doesn’t bring the value in the fourth round.

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